Business Strategies – Interim Management
Business Strategies – Interim Management

Business Strategies – Interim Management

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Interim Management

Interim ManagementAt gutowski & milner, we have defined Interim Management (IM) as the temporary provision of management resources by way of a short term assignment of a proven, heavyweight executive to bridge a vacancy or to manage a project or a period of transition, crisis or change within an organisation.


It should be noted that there are several key elements, that makes in our view, IM a unique management discipline, namely:

  • The contract will be clearly time limited, (it is after-all a temporary assignment, normally lasting between 3-9 months). Usually, when the agreed time has elapsed, the expert completes a handover of their activities to the relevant party & quietly exits the business – in a better condition than when they arrived.
  • The selected individual taking up the role will have had substantial experience in the relevant sector / industry – enabling them to quickly “get up to speed”.
  • With IM, the emphasis is on both defining & implementing a solution to a specific issue or project – as opposed to simply defining the issue in a classical Management Consultancy role.
  • If the reason for appointing an IM is due to a management role that has become unexpectedly vacant, the company can effectively bridge this vacancy and “buy time” and look for a long-term replacement in parallel – whilst continuing to have the role covered.
  • The client gains the benefit and insight from a senior executive (for the period of the assignment) without the long-term associated costs of permanently hiring such an individual – which could be prohibitive for the business at that time.
  • The reporting line for the IM placement is usually directly to a member of the client’s Top Management.
Photo of Michael Gutowski
Michael Gutowski – Managing Partner

There is anecdotal evidence* that IM is a growing influence in the management industry because leaders desire the impact of an experienced “hands on” professional, without the potentially slow & expensive full-time hiring process associated with searching for and hiring a senior executive.


From our experience, in the past, organisations have typically used the IM option for non-commercial / Administrative roles. However recently, we see a growing interest in implementing IM for C-Suite roles such as COO/ CEO positions.

Photo of Gary Milner
Gary Milner – Managing Partner

At gutowski & milner IM is a service that we offer our clients directly, and / or through our extensive global partnership network. Please contact us at gutowski & milner to have a chat with us about your requirements.