Business Strategies – Business Development
Business Strategies – Business Development

Business Strategies – Business Development

Business Strategies

Business Development

The function of Business Development should be seen as a natural process for any business to maximise the profitability of the enterprise in an organic & logical way.


Business Development should be seen as a responsibility for all stakeholders in the enterprise to optimise the financial performance of the business, although it is not uncommon for companies to set up a dedicated department / allocate the task to an individual – to “focus minds”.


At gutowski & milner we have even seen companies which are at a “crossroads” in their evolution, create a Business Development taskforce to improve profitability.


With the above in mind, let’s now take a few moments to explore the true purpose of Business Development within an organisation – other than “grow sales”. This could include (but is not limited to):

  • Photo of Michael Gutowski
    Michael Gutowski – Managing Partner

    Improving profitability of an existing product or service, by:

    • Rationalising or growing current product / service ranges.
    • Divesting of existing non-contributing product / service ranges.
  • Repositioning the company offering – increasing longevity of product life cycles.
  • Establishing the company in new channels or countries (where the company has not previously been present).
  • Creating new, long-term, strategic partnerships with clients & / or vendors.


For the function to perform at an optimum level, the individual(s) involved will need to be experienced stakeholder(s) of the enterprise, with deep understanding of not only the organisation & it’s employee’s strengths & weaknesses, but also have the mandate to create & subsequently implement change. They will be:

  • Photo of Gary Milner
    Gary Milner – Managing Partner

    Capable of strategic planning, thinking & vision.

  • Have strong analytical skills.
  • Have a deep insight of the company & the changes that are realistic for the company to make.
  • Can negotiate both internally & externally.
  • Have the authority within the organisation to affect change.
  • Understand the competition & have a working knowledge of their insights.
  • Be able to work within a team & have effective networking skills.
  • Understand the principles of Project Management.
  • Able to create credible Scenario planning.


Hopefully, you can see from the above that this function, when fully understood by the organisation, with the appropriate resources / scope, together with qualified individuals, can be a potent force for business improvement within any enterprise.


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