We create & implement Sustainability, Business Transformation and Internationalisation strategies
Your Local Market Is Struggling

Your Local Market Is Struggling


This is the process of expanding your business beyond the traditional “home” market.

Gutowski & Milner - InternationalisationTogether, we will explore:

Pro’s and Con’s of growing internationally.

  • Identify priority markets for expansion.
  • Understand the competitor landscape.
  • Company entity options.
  • Adjust Sales strategy – according to local conditions.
  • Make necessary changes to your organisation – to effectively become an international business.
  • Legal resources.
  • Remote team management.


Sales are the backbone of every company as without sales any business will fail!

Gutowski & Milner - SalesHowever, you may be surprised by (in our experience) the number of seemingly successful enterprises who have either:

  • Taken their legacy customers for granted
  • Not evolved with changing times
  • Underestimated the importance of sales & selling generally
  • Or indeed a combination of all of these!
  • With our help you will build a clear, concise Sales Strategy, based upon your organisation’s USP’s, competitive landscape & your own vision / mission.


Together with Sales, Marketing is a critically important element in any organisation.

We will explore together:

  • Current marketing programs implemented.
  • The various types of Marketing (outbound, inbound, digital, SEO, content & Social Media etc).
  • Marketing led Vs Sales driven organisations. The consequences to the enterprise.
  • ROI of marketing activities.
  • The consequences of getting it right Vs cost of failure.


Business Diversification is the process of entering into a market or business category – which is new for the organisation.

Leaders are normally tasked to look for strategies to grow Sales Revenues / profitability, & business diversification can be a very effective, relatively low risk approach to achieve the business goals.

It should be noted that growing the business by this approach, can take considerably longer than an Acquisition, however, is likely to involve a lower initial investment.

Gutowski & Milner - Business DiversificationWe can:

  • Develop the initial concept, rationale, proposal & budget planning processes
  • Research the market and understand the competitor landscape
  • Develop & work up your USP’s
  • Mitigate risks
  • Help build & then implement a launch strategy


The process of improving your organisation’s profitability – by building applicable programs such as the creation of a Business Development function within the organisation, focusing on:

Gutowski & Milner - Business Development

Customer acquisition process – improving the prospect to active customer programs.

  • New customer markets, channels or countries.
  • New product extensions or categories.
  • New products or services.
  • Improved services – creating long-term value for the organization.
  • Importance of measurement / CRM programs


The creation of a systematic approach to enable the organisation to best perform in light of current / anticipated changes to the organisation’s goals, technologies or indeed processes.

Gutowski & Milner - Change ManagementWe will cover:

  • The purpose of Change Management.
  • Creation of strategies for implementing the needed changes.
  • Analysis of the potential risks associated with the change.
  • Resources needed.
  • Planning for the “Who does what, when” phase.
  • Communication of the planned changes.
  • ROI of the planned changes.
  • The process of controlling the change.
  • Strategies for helping stakeholders adapt successfully to the change.


Mergers & Acquisitions is usually the process, in which the acquiring or dominant party gains a “step change” commercial advantage over competitors in the market, by acquiring or merging with another organisation.

This process, when successfully completed, should add additional value (over & above the initial cost of the acquisition / merger) to the combined, larger organisation.

There can be many reasons for entering into this process, from gaining market share, accessing new markets/ channels, leveraging vendor economies of scale & rationalising the organisation.

This strategy is not without its risks, however, when effectively implemented, can be a method to create a positive “sea change” in the organisation.

Gutowski & Milner - Mergers & AcquisitionsWe can provide:

  • The initial concept, rationale, proposal & budget planning processes
  • Initiating & implementing the search process
  • Introducing the parties
  • Facilitate the merger & acquisition process
  • Build & implement a post merger integration strategy